Customisable, accelerated text entry, embeddable in any webpage or app

What is Flexpansion?

Bespoke, context-driven word prediction and correction, targeted precisely to your sector and individual tasks. Technical words and phrases at your fingertips for rapid form filling and report writing.

Why use Flexpansion?

What makes it different?

It is tailor-made to your needs.

Unlike generic prediction, which mixes all your words together and needs to be taught technical terms, Flexpansion is focused precisely on the current task.

It learns patterns automatically from your example texts

and you can also add shortcuts - e.g. an entire paragraph from a few letters – inserted with a tap. And it flexibly expands abbreviations.

You can add, re-order and remove word sequences.

And save and share them.

It is flexible and responsive

it learns from every keystroke.

How will it help your company?


An oil worker frequently writes “oil circuit breaker”, and only needs to type “oi”, or “oc” etc. to have it suggested. A police officer inputs “marked patrol car” by typing “ma” or “mpc”

Let’s discuss how we can help you!