How to use the demos

Start typing in the text box and context-appropriate words & phrases appear below. Insert one with a tap, or type more letters.

These are any combination of:

  1. WP Word Completion / Prediction
  2. AC Autocorrection
  3. AE Abbreviation Expansion (see below)

Flexpansion works standalone or in tandem with your existing prediction. Everything is customisable – ordering, layout, UI etc. (see below).

Read more, or try one now:

Note: These demos (except German) are currently Proof-of-Concepts, built on small example datasets.

1 - Here the user types "w"...

2 -They can then either type more letters...

3 - ...or tap a suggestion to insert. On a physical keyboard, Tab selects, Return inserts.

Choose any combination of: (1) Prediction (2) Correction (3) Abbreviation

Flexpansion’s grid of suggestions can be any desired combination and relative ordering of the 3 modes below. They can be either limited to specialist text only, or both specialist and general.

(1) Word Prediction

Completes from the first few letters.

(2) Autocorrection

Corrects for mistyped neighbouring keys.

(3) Abbreviation Expansion

Flexibly expands ‘txt msg spk’ (‘text message speak’). 

No need to learn anything, or define any shortcuts. Make up your own as you go. For instance type ‘xprc’ then pick from ‘experience’ / ‘experiences’ / ‘experiencing’ etc. Or ‘2mw’ for ‘tomorrow’.

TIP: To rapidly cut down suggestions, jump straight to any rarer letters.


You can customise everything:

  • Ordering (by length / probability / recency etc.)
  • Number and type of suggestions (cut-off minimum likelihood / phrases only / technical only etc.)
  • Fonts, colours, sizes etc.
  • Enable multiple technical datasets at once, and adjust their relative dominance. (e.g. General Health & Safety + Warehouse Inspections)
  • Define your own fixed shortcuts for longer words, phrases, or even entire paragraphs. 

For some of our other Features & Functionality, see our FAQ.

Now try a demo

The first 5 show a mix of contexts and modes.

The final one offers further datasets, including Legal, French, Spanish etc., and lets you choose your mix of modes (Prediction / Correction / Abbreviation). Or upload your own dataset (limited learning).

  Word Prediction (WP) Autocorrection (AC) Abbreviation Expansion (AE)
Health & Safety ON    
Medical ON ON  
Oil & Gas ON ON ON
Medicine Names ON   ON
German ON   ON


Multiple Options



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