Customisable, accelerated text entry, embeddable in any webpage or app​

Welcome to the Flexpansion demo (beta)
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Abbreviation expansion:
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How to use:

  • Type a few letters of each word or phrase.
  • If abbreviation expansion is on, try using ‘txt msg spk’ by leaving out vowels, double letters etc.
  • Touch/click to insert a prediction. Or on a computer, press Tab to highlight and Enter to insert.
  • Flexpansion learns from your input, so the more you type, the better the predictions will become. (In this demo, your text will be discarded after you leave the page and won’t be used for any other purpose.)

The demo initially loads an oil and gas dataset, with flexible abbreviation expansion and phrases up to 5 words long. For example, try typing:

  •  Enhanced oil recovery based on heating the oil in the reservoir by steam injection 
  •  A contoured map of a subsurface geological formation based on the time taken to reflect seismic impulses 

Use the controls to switch to other specialist technical subjects, or generic languages. Or upload your own text file to predict from.

Flexpansion provides many other features which aren’t yet included in this demo. To try them out, install our Android app.